Friday, September 12, 2008

US Protectionism : Argentina is no friend of ours

Here's a great example of a US cattle rancher doing all he can to prevent competition. Ass.

The Prairie Star: Montana Ag Newspaper
In the middle of the Farm Bill fight, the USDA introduced a plan to open up the U.S. market to meat from a country with documented Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) problems. Argentina does not have a tradition of democratic government and beneficent leadership. Indeed, the country has often been ruled by corrupt and incompetent leadership which is only interested in enriching itself at the expense of the Argentine people. Therefore it should not surprise anyone that Argentina has a long history of debt-default and declining standards of living for its inhabitants.

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Frank.Sugar&Spice said...

That´s okay, more meat for us in Argentina.

Kidding aside, I would have been surprised if this sort of thing did not pop up from the US cattle industry.