Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Moral High Ground

I won't read too much into the study mentioned below but it is interesting and reflects much of my experience with those that call themselves liberals. I'm certain that when I considered my self a liberal, I was biased in this way.

Harris is a fine thinker and think you'll enjoy his rebuttal to Haidt.

The Reality Club: WHAT MAKES PEOPLE VOTE REPUBLICAN? By Jonathan Haidt -- Response by Same Harris
Haidt is, of course, right to worry that liberals may not always "hold the moral high ground." In a recent study of moral reasoning, subjects were asked to judge whether it was morally correct to sacrifice the life of one person to save one hundred, while being given subtle clues as to the races of the people involved. Conservatives proved less biased by race than liberals and, therefore, more even-handed. It turns out that liberals were very eager to sacrifice a white person to save one hundred non-whites, but not the other way around, all the while maintaining that considerations of race had not entered into their thinking. Observations of this sort are useful in revealing the biasing effect of ideology—even the ideology of fairness.

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