Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BA Newbies - Next year in Jerusalem!

Since I didn't get invite to a Rosh Hashanah dinner, I thought I might blog a little something about the trouble being Jewish and an expat in Argentina.

Sometimes posters to BA Newbies can say things that seem insensitive. Like the following post that might be implying the existence of a secret South American banking system for Jews only. But wait, no one really believes that kind of crap do they? No, no. We must remember that not all posters speak English as their native language. So, let's test the waters and see what this person really thinks:

Poster :

There is private banking, among the Jewish community, or you have lot's of money.

Me :

I think I missed the memo. Can you say more about private banking in
the Jewish community?

I had no idea that I'd get a free checking account w/ my circumcision.
Frankly, I'd take a do over. ;-)

What the hell is private banking in the Jewish community? I never got an answer but I did get this:

--- Knock off the stupid comments...

There are predominantly Jewish Banking are there are Muslim Banking.

It's available in Central American & South American. There is a branch

here in NYC.

Oh, this really clears things up, genius.

I should also mention that after I sent this post, I got a private email from someone that seemed to be accusing me of being antisemitic. I suppose the emoticon wasn't a big enough hint. Next time I'll use a bigger font so you geezers can see it.

Oh, and for you gap-year kids that wonder what the big deal is, here's a hint. Antisemitism is as uncool as not voting for Obama.

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