Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BA Newbies - Criminal Wages

Rather than bother folks on the BA Newbies list with my opinions, I thought I'd start blogging my reactions to some of odd things I see on the mailing list. I won't include the posters name because I suspect it will upset them if I do. With that said, here's comment that caught my attention.

What to pay a full time maid-response:

Paying someone 1000 pesos a month for full time work is criminal! It might be the market rate, but we all know what things cost.

The market rate is criminal? If that were the case, why are so many willing to work at this rate? It could be that 11 dollars a day is better than 1 for someone trying to move out of poverty. 

So here's the take away: If you are not paying your maid more that a 1000 peso a month, do the compassionate thing and fire them. I'm sure they will thank you.

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