Friday, January 25, 2008

What's Good for the Goose

What's up with smart people talking about reworking capitalism? How about enforcing rule of law and dispelling w/ corruption?

Gates calls for creative capitalism to help poor | Business | The Guardian
insisted that this was not dumping the basic tenets of capitalism but
argued market forces must be better used to address the needs of those
left behind by advances in technology and healthcare.
Seems like hubris to me. And on a related note:

Economist's View: I See What You Mean, It Is Broken
However, when executives face the same dynamism and their income falls (so that they also face a reduction in their income, say from a million to half a million), global capitalism is broken and needs to be fixed (e.g. "Market Bloodbath Highlights Cracks in Capitalism," one of many along these lines).

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