Saturday, October 27, 2007

More Cheddar for Steve

Last night the better half and I went over to Los Gatos for the OS X Leopard release. I'll write more about it later but here's my initial pros/cons list.


  • Time Machine

  • CoverFlow in the finder

  • objective-c 2.0

  • Scripting Bridge

  • Updated Interface Builder


  • Real Java Support

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Maddo said...

I have heard mixed reviews on the new Mac OS. The worst comment was that it was more of an WinME style upgrade than a WinXP style upgrade - if you know what I mean.

All told - who can blame them after all of the effort they put into the amazing little futuristic device they call the iPhone. It got their best apple juice and you can see that for yourself when you play with one. What an eternal fountain of techno-lust that beauty is.