Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mistakes Were Made

Consider this a kind of internet confession.

You just don't up-and-move to a foreign country without making a few mistakes. and today I had to clean up one of mine.

Like a bone-head, I placed an add for my Jeep on craigslist the same day I placed it on ebay. I expected the sale to be protracted and thought I would cast a wide net. I couldn't have been more wrong.

I first setup and auction on ebay motors and, figuring it wouldn't sell, placed an add on craigslist. I priced the jeep for a quick sale but little did I know the phone would immediately start ringing once I place my add on craigslist. Within the hour, the Jeep was sold and in route to its new home in San Jose.

But what about the ebay auction!? I'm not going to embarrass myself by giving the details of how I failed to cancel the auction, suffice it to say, the auction went on even though I no long was in possession of the vehicle. Cringe.

Long story short... Turns out the auction would have brought in twice the cheddar as the craigslist sale and because I was unable to cancel the auction, I sold the Jeep twice. Ouch!
I cleaned up the mess with the ebay buyer, but boy do I feel like a schmuck.

I hope this is the worst of it, but I somehow I doubt it.


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