Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bill Bonner on Argentina's Future

Some hopeful words on Argentina's future from Bill Bonner.

Debt-Free Argentina is Ready to Boom:

It’s going to boom because it has no debt…and it is a major producer of food. And not only that, it’s already made almost every mistake you can make. It’s had socialism, hyper-inflation, price controls, debt, coups d’etat, military governments - you name it

Argentina’s economy is growing nearly three times as fast as the United States. It is coming off a major depression, when GDP growth went negative for a year and a half…when the local currency lost two-thirds of its value…and in which the economy actually shrank as much as 16% in a single quarter.

I've ben hearing about this Bonner guy and finally looked him up in wikipedia. I'm always very skeptical of of folks that make money selling financial advice based on wild claims but I hope he's right about Argentina.

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