Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vittles in the Barrio

Got a tip on where to get good foodstuffs in our barrio:

The block of the old Mercado Norte, bordered by Rodriguez Peña, Vicente Lopez, Montevideo and Las Heras (mainly the first 2 of these streets) has the finest selection of small shops in the area that sell meats, vegetables, fiambres and cheeses, bread, fish, etc., etc. (It also has a large Norte grocery store.)

I've highlighted the block that the streets surround in yellow:


Ronald said...

Hey Robert. I have no idea how I got here.. Anyway, I read that you will move into our neighbourhood. Regarding this post I have something to make you wish you were already here (I guess you have quicktime installed on your computer) here. When is your ETA by the way?

Robert Evans said...


Thanks for the video. All I can say is wow and you're right, I wish I was there already.

We should be there late November.