Monday, September 24, 2007

On Culture Shock

Stage 1: The Honeymoon

Wow! I just love Disney Land. Look there's Mickey. Wanna go on a ride?

Stage 2: Isolation

Holy crap! Will this never end? They just want to sell us stuff. Did you know everything here is monitored by camera and there are underground tunnels where they hatch their plans for absconding with our money.

Stage 3: Integration

Did you know goofy is pursing an advanced degree in urban design? He's such an interesting fellow.

More about the 3 stages here:

WorldWide Classroom: About Culture Shock
Americans, for instance, who go abroad in various governmental and business capacities, are usually members of the middle class and carry the values and aspirations of this class, some of which are an accent on the practical or utilitarian - work as a means to personal success, and suspicion of personal authority.

Accustomed to working in large hierarchical institutions like business corporations, governmental agencies, or scientific foundations which have a life of their own and persist in time, Americans tend to become impersonal. Individuals no matter how able are replaceable parts in these large institutions.

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