Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Big Here, Short Now

I just love Eno and the cosmic bitch slap he wields.

raganwald: Here and Now
Here and Now We can either live in a “small here” (a great apartment in a crappy part of town) or a “big here” (a beautiful city in a great location with perfect weather and amazing vistas), and we can live in a “short now” (my deadline is my life) or a “long now” (how does this project change the company, the industry or the planet?). —Adam Turoff quoting Brian Eno in Rewriting Software

Hrm. Now I'm curious. What's an Information Network?

Paul Kedrosky: Schelling, Kleinberg, and Power of Networks in Investing
Pardon this bit of unabashed fan-boy geeky-ness, but I wish I was at Cornell this Fall. I would love to take Jon Kleinberg's new course "The Structure of Information Networks". (Why can't Cornell do an MIT and put this video online?)

And on a completely different note.

Neo-Tango Music
A DJ's Guide Neo-Tango Recordings

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